Mega-structure on Fault

(Click-on-image); & expand an incredibly gigantic image of Taipei 101!

It is fortunate that frequent earthquakes in Taiwan seldom cause casualties or damage, however...sadly in 1999 a magnitude 7.5 quake in central Taiwan did claim over 2,300. Interesting to note that the Taipei 101, is equipped with a huge 733 tonne ball, suspended near the top of the building, intended to protect it by moving to counter the force of earthquakes or strong winds.

The irony of this story is, that the ground pressure beneath the 700,000 tonne 508 metre Taipei 101 building (as is seated on fault line) may actually be leading to increased seismic activity!

You heard it right...The tremors, "could be a direct result of the loading of the mega-structure," said an abstract Lin's article, published on the American Geophysical Union's website! Read more...

NOTE: Once again, click the picture above and enlarge the image for a gigantic look at the magnificence of this structure (with all of its probable flaws.)

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