Conduit of Former Iraq

["Both Sides of the Iraqi Street";Click on photo]
In a region of global kick-backs, money recycle schemes, disposals by murder, etc; only a regime change will seek to gain a prominent solution over this dynamic. A regime maintained by corrupt rule, and regrettably shared by a Global elite.
If you are undecided about the method at which these corrupt leaders were gathered by US; Click on the photo; or read: Both Sides of the Iraqi Street

Two consistent functions of the former Saddam rule were:
1. Disposal and Removal: of those no longer needed: Saddam's security.
2. Conduit for Corruption: Scams by Saddam's Al-Khawam family

More will be revealed to the public, in the trial.

Proof: Saddam's thwarted oil-for-food program scam paid bonuses
(through the same Amman bank account) of up to $US25,000 to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers.

With the government in the hands of the Iraqi people, they will structure their laws, and will work out how to deal with the Baathists themselves, similarly (as it is said) with how Italians dealt with the Fascists.

We honor the tremendous sacrifice our soldiers have made, in order to enable independence for this country.

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