AIDS 2005: Hardest Hit

For as long as I can remember, I was taught that the moment you have a symptom, it means that you are healing. I have seen very few posts about Aids Day; 12-1, and as sad as this topic is, I believe that it strengthens our conviction and compassion, to re-examine.

This day set aside, has been deeply moving...

~Children living with HIV/AIDS; 26 October 2005

When I think of the children we encountered, on my first trip to a certain part of Africa, four or five years ago...

I remember wanting to wrap bright white wings all around them, and fly them to a world of safety... They smiled and laughed and touched everything, as they visited the set... (Kids will be kids ;) ...This really touched my heart.

As always, AIDS day is about making it alright to embrace those who are infected, and encourage their ability to share without isolation. And it is in this openness that Love finds its way to heal. With that being said, my eyes tear a bit...
~ Pictorial essay: Portraits of 26 Women with HIV-Aids, in Africa.
~ Aids Awareness using billboards in Africa.
~ President Bush enlistment of Faith based groups to battle AIDS.
~ Targeting additional and vital solutions.

FACTS of 2005: How many people in Africa are infected with HIV?

Most of us understand and are aware of the figures which represent the current Aids populations. This article is about the youth (the hardest hit) and a point with which we will move towards a solution.

With approximately 95 percent of all AIDS orphans in the world living in sub-Saharan Africa, there remains a question of how can we enable this generation (and technically the next generation) to live life in Africa as a culture which... "Lives in healing" rather than despair...

(Photo: Jonah Eller-Isaacs)

ORPHAN CRISIS and the realities of this next decade:

It is my belief that a high reduction of this epidemic will occur, when all of the items below are being implemented:

1. Raising self-esteem in babies and young adults
2. Increase social-economic options (education/groups)
3. Tougher violence (rape) laws
4. Lowering birth rate for all
5. Voluntary sterilization for those who test positive
6. Reduce dependence upon humanitarian aid

To remind those who have forgotten, that to bring a child into this world requires parents who provide a safe place for them. Also, parents who recognize that they have the power to plan the child's world to be a world directed towards the hope for a better life.
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