Simulated Training: US

[Click to view TV |PHOTO: Dave Hutchinson-05]

The training is going strong, with a vigor of enthusiasm... (so remarks a friend, having received an email from her soldier husband.) Along with 250 of Iraq's National Soldiers and assorted US military personnel, he is attending an incredible camp located in the California Desert. Converted to simulate and replicate parts of Iraq, this camp is designed to assert techniques and maneuvers, designed to reduce actual war casualty.

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visit a quick video TV of this camp..or follow link...

During the course of the training, the use of a script that emulates various scenarios of on-site attack, teaches them how to initiate the best response techniques. They also have an opportunity to exchange ways and cultures of their lives, with their Iraqi and American military teams.


Also: Catch News 4's Luke Moretti's report about the urban warfare training, in yet, another location...(See Hutchinson's Photo above)

Excerpt: "The training will last about 45 days, then it's off to Iraq for about seven months. As many of them told me, it's what they've been waiting for. It's what they do."

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