A Shift in Munitions

Article in News Max today, Thursday, Nov. 10, 2005; DUBAI |UAE; indicates that the level of weaponry is getting more and more sophisticated...

"Pretty scary, and unfortunately, true."....M.B.

British officials and, to a lesser extent, their American counterparts have suggested Iraqi insurgents are getting advice (and perhaps components from Iran or Lebanon's Hezbollah militia.)

[PHOTO: Lebanon -98]

Excerpt from article:
"The deadly munitions mark a steady improvement in the roadside bombs that debuted in 2003 in Iraq, often as simple as a single artillery shell wrapped with detonator cord linked to a battery.

The new bombs are a deadly marriage of stealthy camouflage, shaped explosives that propel metal projectiles through four inches of armor and infrared motion-detector triggers that can't be blocked by electronic jammers.

It works like a burglar alarm, a beam that goes across a doorway. Once the beam is broken it triggers the bomb. Not being sure they can disrupt an infrared beam without triggering the explosion has keept the Pentagon scrambling to find countermeasures," reports a senior U.S. military officer. Read full article.
Interesting read from Ed; editor of cooltech.iafrica:
~re: The "Son of Spectre" Laser weapon...and the AC-130 Spectre gunship:

Excerpt from Ed's cooltech.iafrica Article: "The US military has been given the go-ahead to fit a brand new laser weapon to its flagship bully - AC-130 Spectre gunship. Firing beams at the speed of light, the laser will be the most deadly yet effective weapon on the battleground.

~The new laser-fitted gunship will be called the AC-X and has already been dubbed by US defense officials as the "Son of Spectre".

The AC-130 has been in active service since 1972 and I believe, may have been first used in the Vietnam War...Read full article.


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