Rise from the Ashes

"This Phoenix ‘rise from the ashes’ story, sincerely demonstrates that Freedom and Democracy prevail, and its sacrifice can be restored, with hope."....M.B.

Literally hundreds and thousands have reported about this, all over the Globe. Sunday, the reconsecration of Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) in Dresden.

[Click-Image|Article By Colin Nickerson]

Felled by war, Dresden church rises again
18th-century edifice rebuilt stone by stone
A beautiful Article By Colin Nickerson
Globe Staff |DRESDEN, Germany

Excerpt ...."precious moments of tranquility....The choirs still sang, and their voices melded with the strains of the great pipe organ to form what seemed a bulwark of sweet sound against the chaos of a world at war."

[Click-Image|to go to the Frauenkirche; Dresden site]

-(Click-Image)- to view air-raids; 1945 (sensitive image)


ALJAZEERA: The only one who hadn't provided a single ‘after renovation’ image. Read article from: Aljazeera. (Derived from Arab source news.)

Excerpt.... Aljazeera article: "Germany was divided and for nearly half a century the communist East German rulers left the blackened ruins of the Frauenkirche where they fell after collapsing two days into the first wave of bombing. It was only in 1994, four years after Germany was reunited, that reconstruction began."

....and goes on to say....

"The trustees of the church say that the Frauenkirche will attempt to fight far-right extremism, which is gaining a foothold among unemployed, disaffected youths in eastern Germany."


According to an article by Rolls-Royce about the engineering aspects of the Frauenkirche, and interview re: contract with Dresden Trust:

-(Click-Image)- to go to Rolls-Royce article!]

Excerpt ....

"In 1989, following the fall of the communist regime, a call went out from Dresden to rebuild the Frauenkirche as a symbol of peace and reconciliation."

"A 15-year programme to restore Dresden’s Frauenkirche reached its climax on June 22 when a new Orb and Cross was placed on top of the rebuilt cathedral."

"The project does not look back to the past but looks to the future and it has been a great privilege to be involved," said John.

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