A Child's Creativity

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Art is universal; it dances with imagination as it takes on a whole journey of mystery... For the painter, it's a clearing which places mastery over that which imagination has brought heals...

In war-torn areas such as Iraq... the fear of attack, and experience of anxiety amongst the political unrest, take a very high toll on both social and emotional development of young children. I am sure that many not only suffer from traumatic disorders, but also face enormous difficulty in overcoming learning disabilities.

Since the age of five years old, I have been fortunate to have been encouraged as an Artist (painter).. Although I can not imagine what kind of stress these small children must experience during these tough times, I do know that the creative channel of Art can help heal every living thing...

According to the writings of Bernard L. Pacella M.D...
The Characteristics of Highly Creative Children:
~Capacity to redefine a problem
~Aesthetic Appreciation
~Tolerance of Ambiguity
~Capacity for Humor

~read the new: Chrenkoff’s Good news from Iraq. It's up today!

~Positive story about progress in Iraq: Global Hope
(And if you can give the price of a couple of lattes today, that would be nice ;)

~If you have concern as to the percentages of your donations to help Children... "The Art of Living": 100%" Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (click-photo-above)

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