Boosting global economy

Be Proud, be very proud of our current US Administration. Timing of the US farm bill and WTO negotiations has revealed itself to be a truly unique World profit, opportunity.

Because I view Nutrition to be the most important of any issue in the World, I feel that this is one of the most valuable pieces of news in the World today.

(Certainly not to be over-looked, by the MSM.)

When you can create a proposal that will increase World consumption and at the same time give our farmers an estimated $US17.5 billion ($A24 billion) a year, it not only (helps to off-set the years of Agricultural losses that have been synonymous with high tariff and negative World buying) but most importantly, it feeds an otherwise under-fed world.

SUMMARY: With the US proposal to developed countries to cut their farm tariffs by between 55 per cent and 90 per cent (calling for tariffs to be no higher than 75 per cent) this would not only boost the global economy by $33 billion, but have a significant benefit for US farmers and consumers.

Additionally, to increased revenue for us here in the US, it would provide expansion of agricultural trade, with US agricultural exports estimated to increase by $US9.4 billion ($A13 billion) a year. Congress and US farm groups have the opportunity to reform US farm policies on their own terms and to use these reforms as part of a broader process to reform of agricultural policies globally."

Full report by ABARE on the WTO; Also read: PDF -

~The report came before a meeting in Geneva (earlier this morning) 8th; so we will see.

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