Have a Happy Halloween

What always seems to come to mind every Halloween, are the old stories of the Great Escapes of a most miraculous Houdini.

[Click-Image: to view Tribute|H. Houdini; King Coll.]

This pure legend... as he was chained and submerged deep below the sea, invoked consternation in the crowds, but always managed to break free from captivity. Were those, and other unimaginable feats of escape, a magician's trade secret?

...or was he a twentieth Century Shaman.

[Click-Image: King's|Houdini clips]

For those less familiar with the "Worlds's Greatest Escape Artist" extraordinaire, it was on Halloween 1926 (in a sad and unrelated accident) that Houdini missed his final escape from Death. It would be in the many years to follow (and by virtue of a mutual pact) that Halloween séances would be conducted, in an attempt to reach him from beyond.

-Click on Image-or link- to the site: "Did you know Houdini" and view Bob King's Tribute, to the finest magician of all time.
View raw footage, sound files; converted to multimedia from archives presented to King, courtesy of Houdini's family.

Personal note: When viewing the family tribute link for "Marie",
what came to mind was the structure within generations of a family, and that we all walk this Earth for a short time. Marie was instrument in keeping his legacy alive, for the remainder of nearly 3/4 of a century.

"Even to this day, we remain clueless to the Mysteries of his Magic."..M.B.

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~ joscafe,

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