For Headache and Fever

No, this isn't the Carnival of the

I came across this image by photographer Brian-Ronthal.
I was fascinated when I found out that this snake wine is from Vietnam...and searched to find anything I could about it. (Story below)

"No way would I drink this, though."....M.B. (^_^)

-Click Image-
To go to Cat ba Island in Halong Bay, Northern Vietnam...

[Photo|Photographer: Brian-Ronthal]

As a child of 9 years old, I once traveled with my parents to China on visit to Mother's friends from the States. Beautiful as this trip was, I can still remember this peaceful, and spacious home. While there, we met an old Vietnamese woman who worked in their home. (Now I learn that this Vietnamese woman was only 30+ yrs old!)

Years went by after the visit, and we were told that this woman gave herself a cure for a serious uterine cancer, by bathing in a scalding tea made of tree bark tonics. To me, it seemed frightening!...but from what we now understand, she is still alive and well today.


Excerpt from LA times Article: by Patricia Woeber:

"...Then I came upon rows of bottled snakes. Whiskey-pickled snakes glared malevolently through the yellowish fluid, $3 apiece. Some looked like cobras. Some looked astonished. Some looked hypnotic. I asked the saleswoman why people drink this stuff. "For headache, for fever, for make good love," she said." ...(`O`)

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