Accomplishments in Iraq

"The focus laid out in the World Media, should not be to highlight extremist's activities, but to equally provide encouragement to the tremendous personal and political stride that the Iraqi people continue to make, as they widen their support of Democracy and merge into Modern Society."...M.B.

~Dichotomy re: terrorist activities and prevailing freedoms, can be found in an article written by John Hawkins Read this RWN article: here.

Oct 21st report: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Gulf Region Division, reports that, completed early October, a new 4.9 million electrical substation now provides benefit to approximately 20,000 Iraqis, and jobs for 80 to 140 Iraqis each week since the construction began.

The project was funded with Iraq Relief and Reconstruction funds, and is one of four Project and Contacting Office Sectors which manage projects throughout Iraq.

Progress report of upcoming projects:

“The Project and Contracting Office Electrical Sector : is responsible for 434 projects valued at approximately $3.2 billion. This figure includes about $140 million of non-construction funds allocated for equipment and training.

To date, the Electricity Sector has completed approximately 82 projects totaling an estimated $660 million. Currently, an estimated $1,300 million is being used on projects that are now in progress. This leaves $1,250 million for remaining projects."

~The majority of the 352 remaining Electricity Sector projects are scheduled for completion by December 2006.

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