Story of La Donna

[La Donna ed I Gatti; M.B.]
For a year, I painted a body of work which later exhibited, to be sold along with an Italian Sculpture’s work. As I painted an image would emerge on each of the 12 canvases...sometimes in the background, on the edge of the canvas, or here (above) in the middle ground.

“I called her, “La Donna”...

The Story: A London friend invited me to enjoy music, dinner, and to meet a special friend. As we arrived, the evening sounds filled tall ceilings, and the chants of cheerful voices, sang to the beautiful melody of sitars, drums, and tambourines.

Suddenly projected before us from their screen, was a satellite image from India. A woman emerged onto the screen to speak. I turned my head, thinking that I had seen her before, but not exactly sure…
Until she spoke...

I was astonished... It was, without question, La Donna! (^_^)

[Gurumayi; Ganeshpuri, India]
There are many philosophies in this World...I found the teachings of the Siddha Yoga to be exceptionally positive ..

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