Bielat, Frank: 2010 election debate; MA-04

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

-Televised debate hosted by Jim Braude

-VIDEO: Broadside: Bielat, Frank debate economic recovery [view]
(NECN) - The candidates for the Fourth Congressional District in Massachusetts squared off on Broadside: News with Jim Braude.
"Barney Frank’s GOP challenger came out swinging in a pair of debates yesterday, faulting the 30-year Democratic congressman for the nation’s great economic collapse."
"He supported housing policies that caused the economy to crumble," said Sean Bielat, who’s running for the 10th congressional district." [read]

And this Congressional debate at (WRKO)
-View All four at Hotair.
Frank supports widening bureaucracies; but as over-sight committee head, with Dem majority Senate 05, & full majority house; 07 to now...
-15 months: economy short 11.5 million jobs: [read]
-Looks like Frank is really helping with that job-force (heh)

-America’s Finest (Bielat) –VS- departing Fossil (Frank)
Barney Frank, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America; in office since 1980; claims to support freedom of expression of the Tea Party... But after 18 months of being silenced & ignored by the Media; he only recently accept that we are not going away...

-Sean Bielat raises $400K in challenge to Frank: [read]
-Donate to Bielat (retire barney) byebyebarney.org

Today's Links...
Computer Programer Convicted of Trying to Erase Fannie Mae Data [read]
OneUnited Bank received special treatment beyond what was

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