The T. Boone Pickens Video all Americans Should View (Alt. Energy, Fuel Reality)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)
If you want to know the Fuel business don't listen to a politician during an election; listen to an energy expert! Philanthropist, T. Boone Pickens, provides an accurate evaluation toward energy solution....
Image: T. Boone (Forbes)VIDEO (below)

The Spirit of America is Free Enterprise... Philanthropist T. Boone has spent billions toward the creation of effective expansion of U.S. energy solutions. He maintains the importance of diversifying our domestic alternatives... Knowing what will fly (& will least fly) will determine successful solution.

41 min - May 14, 2008 Funny and informative (Definitely worth the view)

Democrat Bill to undercut U.S. energy security and decrease U.S. energy production: Defeated by Senate Republicans.
Democrats set up hearings against US Oil producers, when they produce only 2% of the 85 million barrels a day.... Today's rejected bill was bundled with the tax incentives of Bush 2005 Energy; but courted votes by promising to tie the hands of our own (extreme minority) U.S. oil/alt. fuel Companies...
A "Change" thought to impress you; but will only extend foreign reliance!
T. Boone Pickens evolves US into leader of wind turbine.
Pickens ordered 667 turbines from General Electric (NYSE:GE) to outfit the wind empire he envisions on the Texas Panhandle (GE is now part of the Shoot Me Now Index). Pickens may shell out $10 billion or more before all is said and done. Then last weekend, Spain-based Iberdrola Renewables said it planned to invest $8 billion in U.S. wind operations in the next two years... More.
U.S. Democrats blame the current Administration for energy stalls.
FACT: It was the Republicans who adopted the most expansive Free Market programs of -any- administration in US history!
FACT: It was the Democrats who stalled nuclear technology, developers, and farmers; to gain lobbyist Eco groups who (in turn) supported their elections!
View this PDF file for complete (bird) PROOF! Wind Power 2008!
(Click to enlarge map!)
The U.S. led the world in wind power installations for the third year in a row in 2007... Global wind capacity increased by more than 20,000 (MW) with 5,244 MW installed in the U.S...

From a Fortunate View...
"Between 1981 and 2006, government collected $1.65 trillion in total taxes after adjusting for inflation. That is 65 percent more than the combined earnings of the 16 largest domestic oil companies during the same period." from http://www.taxfoundation.org/blog

And what has congress done with that money?
They draw from profits in taxes, so that you can fund their thousand plus earmarks. And worse, Democrats are working hard to control this sector...
I guess this is why:
Dems Pulled Environmental bill, yesterday:
"And Denied Vote on Policies to Protect US Jobs & Free Enterprise." Read.

More Links:
Democrat Congress gives away US Contract with Colombia
Under the guises of "Humanitarian Act."
-Canada Fills multi-billion $ Void. Read.
-I highly recommend reading Freeman Dyson's article: Here.
-Billions wasted on UN climate programme: More.

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